Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Into Springtime

So call me silly, but I am not sure I have been to Nordstrom Rack website before, and I found this incredibly cute vest that would be perfect for springtime wear.  Our spring weather starts out with a few days like today, temps in the mid 40's but a chilly northerly wind.  That wind drives the brrrr through my bones and I need a little extra help keeping the chill off my svelt *cough cough* back.
It's not an overly expensive item either... a lightweight vest and it such fun colors.
Check out their website for other colors offered.

*image by Nordstrom Rack*

And then there is THIS... the below jacket which I purchased in black.
The jacket itself feels lightweight instead of bulky, but it's cozy and warm and once again... it keeps the wind off your back.
It's a lightweight winter jacket that will take you right into springtime until the days warm up and stay that way.
It's made by Columbia and sold by Gander Mountain.
I recommend this jacket.  And, isn't the grey one pretty too!!

*image by Gander Mountain*

Have a great day and hope you are looking forward to jumping into spring as much as I am.



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