Monday, March 2, 2015

Bag Options

In love with handbags?
Me too!
In fact I would carry a different one every week or month if not for the $$.
There are a few I carry often, and I'll show you, but I also want to share websites of other bags that have caught my eye, and I hope too that you will find on one of these websites a handbag, purse, tote, that you love as well.

First up is the newest bag in my closet, it's by Brahmin and was a Christmas gift from my husband.
It's great!  A very structured bag and doesn't hold as much as my HUGE bags, which gives my shoulder a break.
It has a short handle as well as a long one for carrying over the shoulder.
LOVE this bag by Brahmin

Next is a very large bag which I purchased at a local store... Penelope.  It's soft, but most likely NOT real leather, but this bag is the one I use for hauling around my Lilla Rose flexi clips that I sell.
I can organize the clips by size in smaller bags which I then place in this large red bag.  
There is also plenty of room for the brochures, a hand mirror for showing clients the clip in the back of their hair, receipts for sales, etc.
Every sales gal needs a large bag if she has product she needs to take along.
I don't recall the brand name on this bag, but it's well made.

 We recently flew to Arizona and I needed a bag that was large, but that would fit beneath the seat in front of me as my purse/carry-on.  I mean, who wants to pay $25 per bag?  Sooo, why not go for the gusto with a large handbag that will hold your camera, your iPad, a bit of make-up and even a change of undies, hair brush, etc.
This bag is a Lauren by Ralph Lauren -similar here, and was on sale at the time of purchase.  
It really pays off to watch for the sales on items you just MUST have.
This bag is a khaki canvas and it has an inside zippered pocket for keys or lipstick and a couple of snapped outside pockets for those of you who carry a cell phone.
This is my 'go to' travel bag that I will probably have forever.

Here is my brown leather, cross body fossil bag.
This one I don't use often since it's small, but it's very useful if I am going to be walking at an art fest.
This is a 'bare necessities' type bag or one for ladies who don't require taking the entire kitchen sink with them when they leave the house.
I've had it a few years and it's still in new condition.
The outside pockets are for a cell phone or small pocket camera.
Very useful purse.

 The next bag is also by Fossil, and I have to be honest about this bag, Ladies.
It's a DEEP, DARK, HOLE in there and hard to find anything inside, so it stays in my closet like 99% of the time.
A very well made bag of soft, yummy brown leather, but to be honest.... I probably should have thought twice before making this particular purchase.  No offense, Fossil, but this one simply does not fit my needs much.

Now, here is a bag I REALLY want, another huge tote, but that seems to be my theme lately when it comes to handbag fashion.  

It's made by Nena and Co. HERE, and you can can catch a better look at how it looks when carried HERE, on Lisa Leonard's blog

The bag is totally on my 'must have' list this spring because this girl is ready for some COLOR after a cold, hard and VERY snowy winter.  The bag screams fun and sunshine and getting out of the house.

These are neat because you design your own by selecting the fabric pattern you want.  
I guess I like a somewhat structured purse, and although this bag is cloth, it holds it's shape.
Fun Fun springtime designs on the fabric choices too!

they offer so many choices and most likely is one to suit each and every gal's design needs, colors and function.
Go find your favorite today.


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