Tuesday, March 3, 2015

For The Artsy Side

*because I'm kinda artsy fartsy*

You may have noted by this time that I make my own blog headers
and you don't have to like them.... only I need to do that.
For those of you who wish to attempt a design that is something more than just a photo, you could give some of these websites a 'look see' for characters or simply fun items to download for your header experimenting.

My photography has waned over the past year and I don't want to 'have to' take a photo that is exceptional each time I do a blog post or load a new header.  This should all be about fun and anything more than that, well..... it simply is not fun and becomes a grind for me.

That said, here are some websites that offer a bit of creativity to add some fun to a blog.

Be prepared to pay for some of the items, and in some cases.... all of the items offered.

This website offers mostly female characters although she also offers a few men characters.  
She also has a clearance page, and if you sign up for her newsletter she sends you notices of free items.

Has to be one of my all time favorite design sites to visit, as it lists offerings by MANY designers!
You will need to pay for what you download, but freebies are offered, and there is also a newsletter to sign up for so that you are aware of any new items offered.

More sites to visit that are totally worth the snooping time.

These are simply a few of my favorite design websites that I haunt and I hope those of you who design will take the time to visit these ladies and view their work.

*always be sure to visit their 'terms of use' information before downloading*


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